gehirn-, quarks- und bakterien-sonifikation

ich glaube, dass sonifizieren als verfahren der konzeptuellen komposition von grosser relevanz ist: dank ihrer wissenschaftlichen methode kann re- bzw. umkontextualisierung eines bildes oder einer musik erstens nachvollziebar gemacht werden, zweitens wird das parasitierende moment der musikalischen spekulation ausgeschlossen.

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bakterien in jazz:

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seasonal data from ocean microbe studies are difficult to visualize. but patterns can emerge by ‘sonifying’ – mapping measurements to parameters of audible music. biologist peter larsen, us-doe argonne national lab got some bebop jazzy results.

quarks (elementarteilchen):

(via livescience)

using a data “sonification” process, researchers at the pan-european géant network have created melodies from the results of the atlas experiment at the large hadron collider – the experiment that found the so-called ‘god particle’.




exploratorium composer wayne grim used the video of the transit to create a sound composition in real time. as the video signal was received by wayne’s computer, a program he wrote converted the signal into a unique aural experience.

saturn und sein satellit “enceladus”:

there is an electrical connection between saturn and it’s moon, enceladus. this produces radio noise, which you can hear audibly, here.


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